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Quantity: 20pcs lures per pack Length: 7.9cm Weight: 13.8g Type: Blank Lure Body(not come with fishing hooks and split rings) 3D Eyes: Including,but color and size are in random.
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  • Ranging from shallow running to deep running crankbaits, all lures feature clear ABS construction are coated to prevent water leakage. Trusted for reliabilty, durability and high strength.
  • 20 exquisite blank fishing lures looks very realistic, with textured scale pattern and recessed eye sockets.
  • Vivid swimming actions in water make crankbaits all the way in deadly. With steel rattle in body, can make noise to attract fish better.
  • Length: 7.9cm, weight: 13.8g.
  • If you are a serious angler who likes to create your own hard baits, you will love our unpainted crankbaits. Making special lures with your own serect colors and patterns is a very interesting thing.