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Wholesale 30Pcs Fishing Lures,Baits Tackle Spinners Swimbait Crankbaits Topwater Lures,Variety Fishing Baits Rooster Tail Trout Salmon Spoons Walleye Colorful Fishing Gear Lures Kit Set

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  • A lure set with 30 specially selected spinner baits and metal spoons. Carefully hand-pick patterns by our professionals for guaranteed high catch rate.
  • Colorful laser painted metal blades will bring an irresistible rotation, rattling and reflection as they touch water, generate water splash and noise to call hungry fishes out to bite.
  • All lure are made with premium quality components including stainless steel shaft, brass weight and quality high carbon steel treble hooks. Fishes will have no escape after they bite.
  • Suitable for both fresh water and saltwater for bass, trout, pike, catfish, tuna, salmon and many other species. Spinner: Length 2-1/2", Weight 1/8oz Spoon: 3", Weight Range from1/4 to 1/2oz
  • All spinners in this kit are dressed with roostertail: a special weapon proven by many anglers as a irresistible attractant to fishes.

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