Wholesale Unpainted Lures,Floating Jerkbaits with Eyes DIY Clear Minnows Hard Baits

Quantity: 20pcs lures per pack Length: 12cm Weight: 12g Size of eyes: about 4-5mm Type: Blank Lure Body(not come with fishing hooks and split rings) Depth: Shallow 3D Eyes: Including,but color and size are in random.
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Excellent Performance
High-Resolution Body Detail
Balance Rattle System


Minnow baits are designed to float on the surface until they`re tugged. Then their front lip pulls them under the water and gives them a tight wobble that looks a lot like a struggling baitfish. Don`t be in a hurry to start your retrieve right after you`ve cast a minnow. Let it rest in the water for a while. Then start with a couple light twitches. Increase the intensity of your twitches until you get a reaction. You try a jerk-pause-jerk retrieve, or maintain tension during your retrieve to keep the plug just under the surface of the water.