Wholesale Lure Blanks Minnow,Fishing Crankbait Blanks

Quantity: 8pcs lures per pack Length: 17cm Weight: 37.2g 3D Eyes: Including,but color and size are in random.
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  • Material: made of duable ABS plastic, sealing materail to prevent water leakage.
  • Sound: the unpainted lure has steel balls inside, can make noise to attract fish better.
  • Realistic Imitation: these blank crankbaits have vivid swimming action in water, making fishing easier.
  • Handcrafted Lure: easy to custom paint lures for whatever design you want to use, making lures with your own serect colors and patterns.
  • Quantity: 8pcs bionic blank hard lures body, We have different sizes and shapes, suitable for all fishing enthusiasts.