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FREE FISHER Blank Hard Lures Kit 30pcs Unpainted Fishing Baits Sets Crankbait Wobblers Freshwater Fish Lure Wobblers Minnow Lure Bodies Fishing Tackle

With steel rattle inside,can make noise to better attract fish They create life-like swimming actions in water one of the most famous blanks for lure painters Wonderful fishing tool for fishing lovers Items come with 3d eyes for free
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  • Unpainted Lures Set Fishing Hard Baits DLY Artificial Clear Crankbaits Minnows Pencil Blank Lure for Freshwater/Saltwater
    Product Detail:
    Item name:Fishing lures
    Shape:Rocket shape
    Fish Eyes:Including,color and size in random.
    1. Material: Made of high-quality ABS plastic, with high transparency and no coloring. The scales on the bait body are obvious, which is convenient for DIY.
    2. Rattle balls: Each bait body contains steel balls. Depending on the size of the bait, the number and size of the rattle balls are different. After the bait enters the water, the bead hits the inner wall of the bait, making a crisp sound, attracting fish to attack.
    3. Bait eyes: Each bait is equipped with 3D fish eyes according to the number of eyes. The color and size are random and need to be placed manually.
    4. Linker: The unique linker on the bait is made of metal, which is firm and durable.
    5. No other accessories: Except for the specific number of unpainted lures and the corresponding number fisheyes, there are no other accessories.
    1,Please refer to the bust and dress length to choose the right size.
    2.85-98% Similar to the pictures , but there will be little color difference due to different monitors and lights

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