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FREE FISHER Assorted 22Pcs/Pack Freshwater Fishing Lumious Fishing Bait Rigs Fish Skin/Feather Hooks String Hooks Nylon Line Swivels Beads

22 Packs Bait Rigs Saltwater, Saltwater Fishing Bait Rigs, Bait Rigs Fish Skin Feather Hooks for Freshwater, Glow Fishing Beads High Carbon Hooks for Freshwater Speckled seatrout and white trout love it. A must for every angler if you catch your own bait. Chovies / herring / sardine /smelt and sand dabs. Fishing Rigs are ideal for catching mackerel, small jacks, herring, bass, trou
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Fishing Set 22 Pieces Nylon Line Rigs Fish Skin String Hooks with Beads Swivel Feather Hooks Luminous Shrimp Lures/Baits



Item Name:Fishing String Hooks

Material:Nylon line+hook+bead+others

Package list:22pack

Dive deepth:All level


Note: This product is suitable for freshwater fishing and can be reused. For sea fishing, the hook will rust and can only be used once.



🌸[FISH ATTRACTION] Soft fish-skin rubber ensures the excellent camouflage ability. Luminous beads make sensory stimulation to the fish.

🌸[FULL COMBO SET] Glow beads + rubber + bright silk + fishing line + rolling swivel interlock snap connectors. Makes it user-friendly and efficient.

🌸[WIDE APPLICATION] Size will random from 16#-1/0#, suitable for fish in various sizes, such as bluefish, bass, trout, walleye, red fish.

🌸[OUTSTANDING ACCESSORIES] Super sharp fishing hook, durable and corrosion-resistant, apply to freshwater. Low memory fishing line also helps you lessen the chance of wind knots.

🌸Also it can be used in conjunction with other real baits (take away 1-2 pieces of rubber, put on other baits), increasing the effect of fishing.



1:Due to different batches of production in the factory, the outer packaging may be slightly different from the picture, which is normal, please be aware.

2: There are 0.5-1cm errors in manual measurement.

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