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FREE FISHER 22 Pieces Fishing Rigs With Luminous Glow Bead Feather Fish Skin String Hooks Mix Size Fishing Lures for Freshwater

🐟Flexible tail:The tail swings right and left in the water just like real shrimps with high fishing rate 🐟Easy to use:With hook,it can be used directly without bait 🐟Seductive design:Colorful feathers and silk thread ,more powerful to lure fish, different bright effects will be found in different angles of sunlight 🐟Multiple scenarios are available:Great for pier, inshore and
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Fishing Set 22 Pieces Nylon Line Rigs Fish Skin String Hooks with Beads Swivel Feather Hooks Luminous Shrimp Lures/Baits



Item Name:Fishing String Hooks

Material:Nylon line+hook+bead+others

Package list:22pack

Dive deepth:All level


Note: This product is suitable for freshwater fishing and can be reused. For sea fishing, the hook will rust and can only be used once.



🌸[FISH ATTRACTION] Soft fish-skin rubber ensures the excellent camouflage ability. Luminous beads make sensory stimulation to the fish.

🌸[FULL COMBO SET] Glow beads + rubber + bright silk + fishing line + rolling swivel interlock snap connectors. Makes it user-friendly and efficient.

🌸[WIDE APPLICATION] Size will random from 16#-1/0#, suitable for fish in various sizes, such as bluefish, bass, trout, walleye, red fish.

🌸[OUTSTANDING ACCESSORIES] Super sharp fishing hook, durable and corrosion-resistant, apply to freshwater. Low memory fishing line also helps you lessen the chance of wind knots.

🌸Also it can be used in conjunction with other real baits (take away 1-2 pieces of rubber, put on other baits), increasing the effect of fishing.



1:Due to different batches of production in the factory, the outer packaging may be slightly different from the picture, which is normal, please be aware.

2: There are 0.5-1cm errors in manual measurement.

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